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Engineering emotion based personalities

brennon williams

On a phycological level, personalities are vital to creating relationships. They are varied and beautiful and magical. They are one of our greatest complexities.

On an engineering level (while considering the phycological level), creating a personality solution is quite difficult to be honest. Not because we don’t understand what the outcome should be, but because a personality, and all the magic that results, must “fit” into an architecture.

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Developer test of fluid conversational AI system

brennon williams

Fluid conversations are pretty hard to do in artificial intelligence. And once you get to a point or cyclical input/output, you soon realise that you need a lot more flexibility in the logical structures that are the basis for the conversation direction.

It is one thing to design a conversation – but a whole lot of magic is needed to allow that conversation to be hyper flexible.

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The Future of Travel – Qubit Event talk

brennon williams

It was an absolute privilege to be involved with the Qubit Future of Travel event and also contribute to their industry report. A fantastic group of people to work with.

The video of my talk is now available. In it, I am covering a quick historical view of AI Services and Agents, why AI is now starting to work and how we are progressing through to the new breed of AI, Cognitive Artificial Intelligence.

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AI-Commerce and the era of Artificial Customer Service

brennon williams

Creating synthetic intelligence is challenging for a number of reasons, but the single most difficult part of the equation is the fact that humans are involved. Humans change their mind, their views and their actions so quickly that it can be extremely difficult for logic to keep up and to make sense of the context.

But what if the COG was taught to use this to its advantage, in order to help you purchase various goods and services?

AI-Commerce is about the influencing abilities of cognitive artificial intelligence to persuade you like no other form of advertising ever has before.

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The Paris Hilton effect.

brennon williams

So what exactly is the Paris Hilton effect?

It occurs when a collection of words are used together, which without context, can cause referential ambiguity in a cognitive structure.

Yes that sounds altogether too complicated. So in simple terms, the COG gets confused, just like you and me.

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What is Cognitive Artificial Intelligence?

brennon williams

With so much media at present using the term “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), I wanted to provide a brief overview of what is meant by the term “Cognitive Artificial Intelligence” (COG).

AI is being used as a catch-all phrase for any software system that performs a function deemed to be clever.

Phrases such as “learning” or “understanding” are often coupled within the same information, although the truth is most often a little less glossy and not entirely consistent with what we as humans may normally refer to as learning or understanding.

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